What's a LikeBelt?

The @deeplocal LikeBelt is the physical manifestation of the facebook like. With NFC (Near Field Communication), an NFC-enabled Android phone, and an RFID chip planted in physical places, you can communicate digital love to your facebook friends and still leave your house.

Built by Deeplocal

Want to Build Your Own LikeBelt?

LikeBelt is completely open source. You can grab the code on GitHub and follow the instructions below to make your belt.

What You'll Need:

An NFC-enabled Android phone
One RFID Tag
A Belt


Phone and Belt:

You’ll need an NFC-enabled Android phone to start. Any NFC-enabled Android phone should work, but we've only used the Nexus S. We modified ours by detaching the internal antenna and extending it to our custom LikeBelt buckle. The Nexus S has two leads on the back of the phone which make contact with the backplate antenna. We simply attached these leads to our custom buckle antenna. You can extend your phone’s antenna or leave it as-is.

RFID Tags:

RFID tags are pretty common now. You’re going to need one or more of these so you can code your actions for each physical location or person you want to like. We used Mifare 1K tags that you can buy here. We coded each tag with NDEF data (a standard NFC format) for different actions such as "check in at this facebook place" or "go to this facebook user profile." The specific format is described in the source code. You’ll need another app on your phone for writing the code to the RFID tags. We used NFC TagWriter by NXP but any tag writer will work.


The LikeBelt app reads and understands the coded messages. It also displays the actions on the screen. Different actions have different requirements but if you’re a programmer you’ll get the gist pretty quickly after you look at the source code. The source is available on GitHub.

For more info about the LikeBelt, email heather@deeplocal.com